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Prima Linea

At Prima Linea, our mission is to walk with customers hand in hand in order to design spaces that reflect their characters. From small to luxurious apartments, and lush hotels to large companies, we design every aspect of a space to not only adorn it with an attractive feel but also make the best use out of it.

PARTNERSHIP with our customers is key. We believe every space reflects its holder’spersonality and lifestyle. So, we assimilate every customer’s character, share their vision, and tailor our work to their taste.

DIVERSITY describes the essence of our work, whether in the spaces we design or in thestyles we adopt. The deep knowledge and rich expertise we have gained over the years empower us to take projects of all types and work with customers of different tastes.

INNOVATIVE CREATIONS are our bread and butter. We embrace novelty, seeking to manage spaces as effectively as possible, all the while maintaining harmony and manifesting beauty. These values define who we are, constantly guiding our work.

Partnership, diversity, and innovative creations are what makes Prima Linea


Residential Design

We make sure to turn your living space into a home. Comfort, beauty, and harmony are what we look for in a space that would meet your lifestyle and reflect your character. Our experience ranges from projects on small apartments, to individual houses and to majestic villas. Whatever …

Office Design

With the right design, your office can meet staff needs, accomplish the firm’s goals, and increase productivity. Whether it’s a simple office you want to design or a new corporate look you are after, we manage your space to optimize its usage and render the business itself more efficient. Our rich …

Our Process

  • Study
  • Concept
  • Contracting

We handle all the work stages for any project, starting with the study. At this level, we get familiarized with your vision for the space. Together, we identify your design goals as well as the requirements and the budgetary parameters for the space. Subsequently, we draw a common vision.

Our partnership begins here.

After the vision comes the planning. Our team of highly-skilled architects and interior designers creates a concept that suits the design goals. The end result is a flexible concept plan that is tailored to your taste, provides efficiency, and meets your needs.

Once it is confirmed, we move to implementation.

Implementation is, no doubt, as important a step as planning. That is why we, as contractors, closely monitor and supervise all the work during the implementation process. We ensure that every project breeds a well-finished, harmonious, and efficient space of high quality.

For this purpose, our own team of expert project managers, skilled workers and technicians gets to work. We also collaborate with our sister companies which are specialized in engineering and contracting, woodworking, and product design. Moreover, we refer to trusted suppliers with whom we have established connections over the years.


Established in Beirut in 1988, Prima Linea sarl started as an architecture, interior design and contracting company. Prima Linea is a sister company of many others, specialized in the fields of manufacturing, wood working and construction.

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63 Paraguay Street, Sioufi
Ashrafieh, Beirut
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